How returning to the home I hated healed me

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Moving back to move forward

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My family owned a watering hole, drunks were around me from the day I was born. Guess how that turned out.

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The 5 lies my self-talk told me to stop me from getting sober.

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How I’m building resolve now for when the world reopens

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After a decade of daily drinks, I broke out of a prison of my own making to be free

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How I label my sobriety reminds me of all there’s to be gained by stepping away from alcohol.

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Here’s what my drinking actually did to me.

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1. You’re giving up your freedom:

After a hard stop at drinking, I rediscovered the life-affirming power of curiosity

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Martin Friend

Observations, love, family, friendships. Shards of living today, and their edges. Aspects of lucid living without substances. Free sarcasm, with heart.

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